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Dear mountaineer, the Angeli family welcomes you to Tuckett and Q. Sella Hut

The SAT (company of the Tridentine Alpinists) built its own refuge at the foot of the lower Castelletto between 1904 and 1905 and inaugurated it in August 1906, symbolically naming it to the first president of the Italian Alpine Club, Quintino Sella, to whom it was also dedicated a top of the group in 1884 on the occasion of his disappearance. At the same time, in the race with the SAT, also the German alpinists of the Berlin section DuOe AV began the construction of their shelter, about twenty meters from that of the SAT, and inaugurated it a week after the one dedicated to Q. Sella, naming it Tuckettpasshutte in honor of Francis Fox Tuckett, an English explorer alpinist who is particularly active in the Trentino mountains. He was the first to reach, in 1871, the pass over the Vedretta di Vallesinella which today bears his name.
The two buildings suffered great damage during the years of the First World War.
In 1920 the SAT, which in the meantime had also been entrusted with the German shelter, restored the two buildings which have maintained over the years their original plans.

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    Dear mountaineer, the Angeli family welcomes you to the Tuckett and Q. Sella Hut, at 2272 m a.s.l.

    Rifugio Tuckett
    38070 Dolomiti di Brenta (TN)
    +39 (0)465 441226
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    +39 (0)465 507287


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